Keeping You Safe.

The Surveillance Academy


Visual Surveillance

Use the advanced versions of this technology for facial recognition with cameras that monitor private and public spaces.

Various Methods

Latest Tech


This is one of those innovations that blend in well with surveillance to check the unique fingerprint patterns.


Get hold of the best equipment in the market to keep a wide coverage eye on your property while you are away.


Control the flow of the drone that captures every last detail on the ground for effective transmission over to your device.

Purpose & Objectives

All the devices and equipment we provide are solely for the purpose of securing public and private properties from intruders and encroachers.

"Anyone looking for perfect surveillance equipment at home should surely try their service for its splendid offerings."
Erica James


Deter & Reduce Theft

Our products and services excel at bringing the loots and intrusions to a significantly reduced number.


Protect Your Business

Install the highest-quality cameras to ensure the safety of your property, business essentials, and confidential documents.

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