How Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world of surveillance

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World Of Surveillance

The biggest names in the business universe have realized the advantages of using AI in most of their activities. It was always assumed that artificial intelligence carried massive potential, and in the 21st century, with AI being a part of numerous objects and processes, the vision has come true.

Security threats seem to grow more in number each year and humans have found it rather difficult to keep up and prevent them. This is where artificial intelligence swoops in. By improving the efficiency of surveillance and increasing preventive capabilities, AI has proven to be invaluable in the field of surveillance technology.

Improving video analytics

Us humans aren’t known for our long attention spans, especially in this decade when we are bombarded with content from multiple platforms. Our curiosity and lack of attention take us from one object to another in the matter of a few minutes. So, while inspecting video footage to detect any errors or crimes, humans have a higher chance of missing important details. They might try to concentrate for a few minutes but feel their thoughts wandering off as the things they see blur together. Artificial intelligence can pick up on the smallest disparities and report them immediately.

Identifying criminals

Video recognition AI technology is still developing, but we can soon expect it to be a great help to law enforcement. Searching through endless video footages would become an easy process that only requires a few seconds for an AI to complete. The user could feed in specific details and instructions to recognize the objects visible in the video. Finding criminals would become much easier. The face of the criminal can also be fed into the database for real-time identification if they pop up in any surveillance cameras.

Identifying criminals

Cameras equipped with artificial intelligence can be trained to recognize suspicious behavioural patterns using security recordings from the past. In the case of banks, these cameras will have the ability to identify a robber based on how previous criminals had behaved. Such technology could prevent massive crimes, thefts and hostage situations.

Monitoring children

China has enthusiastically been testing out the use of artificial intelligence in multiple areas. Some schoolchildren are made to wear uniforms with chips sewn into them, making it easy for their parents and teachers to track their locations and movements. Schools in various other countries have been using AI in their computers to analyze the children’s searching behaviour to identify any red flags and provide help.

Monitoring children

In Conclusion

AIs might be the answer to millions of problems we face today. Though AI-equipped cameras can easily analyze what is on the screen, they wouldn’t be able to completely understand the situation or figure out motivations the way a human can. Despite that, AIs have proven to be incredibly useful in the surveillance sector.

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